Sunday, January 3, 2010

Twenty ten.

"New year, New start" well isnt that what the say, right? I know im about 72 hours late, buttt. HEY 2010! and what an interesting one you have already started to be. These passt 72 hours have been rather eventful, I have partyed, seen the two people i miss most, made new friends, re-friended people,vomited, cryed, had a massive hangover,vomited more, got sent home from work, vomited again, snuck out, got caught oh and nowww all this = GROUNNNDED, that sums up those 72 hours of my life youve missed.

okay yes so that was the past and pressent, well move along to the futureee which involves. Year 11, SOUNDWAVE! my deb, 17th, and god knows what else, I have a feeling this year 2010, is going to be one of those id like to live over and over.

Peace outttttttt brothers :)

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